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Faro Airport offers parking in two large parking facilities, which are located directly opposite the terminal.

P1 and P3 are designated for short-term parking, while P2 is designed for long-term parking requirements. The latter facility is located immediately behind the P1 and P3 parking lots on the opposite side of the exit road that leads out of the airport and onto the A22 motorway.

A central reservation area divides the two areas and it is permitted to stop briefly here to drop off passengers, but parking as such is not permitted.

Low cost parking for long and short-term parking at the airport starts from just EUR 5.00 per day. Low cost parking for a five day period would cost just EUR 30.00 in the Classic Parking price bracket in P0, but with Low Cost Parking in car park P2, this reduces down to just EUR 28.00 and in P3 it is even cheaper at just EUR 20.00 for five days.

From P0 it takes roughly 2 minutes to walk to the terminal, from P2 it takes 3 minutes to walk and from low cost, long-term parking at Faro Airport it takes just 8 minutes to walk back to the terminal.

Faro Long-term parking is best booked in advance online (http://parking.ana.pt) and payment can be made by credit card. Parking provider accepts Visa, Maestro and Mastercard payments online. Customers wishing to clarify a few things before committing to a booking can telephone the parking team on +351 808 91 90 91.

Visitors, who just want to pick up somebody at the airport or simply use the shopping facilities there, can use airport parking on a day rate, which at P0, the car park closest to the terminal, would cost EUR 9.00 and EUR 7.00 in P2, the car park situated within a 3 minute walk of the terminal. At the P3 long-term parking lot the day rate reduces to just EU5.00 per day. All low cost parking facilities are open air car parks.

It is also possible to choose additional services, which are charged on top of the car parking selection for either long or short-term parking at the airport. Premium services offer maximum comfort and convenience with the vehicle being parked under cover in a space that has direct access to the terminal’s departure area. The Executive option is also for parking under cover, but offers direct access to the arrivals zones of the terminal.

Coming from the north and travelling to the airport to park the vehicle, motorists should travel on the A22 (Via do Infante) and take exit EN125. Coming from the East (like Huelva in Spain for example) or the west motorists should also travel on the A22 and use exit EN125 to get to the parking facilities.

From Lisbon motorists should travel on the IP1 motorway, which interconnects with the A22. From Albufeira drivers should first take the IC4; then take the A22 at the point, where the IP1 meets the A22 and signposting for the airport begins.

From more information about long and short-term parking at the airport, please visit the official parking website at http://parking.ana.pt

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